Position : 3D Designer

– Responsible for the design of customized 3D models using patient body scans for CuraFoot’s range of insoles, AFOs and face-masks which will be 3D printed or CAD manufactured.
– Design, develop and engineer high-quality models using CuraFoot’s platforms and algorithms on Blender/ Rhino.
– The designs will be used in either 3D printing or CAD manufacturing.
–  Plan and execute design and manufacturing processes individually or as a team.
–  Work individually or as a team on continuous improvement efforts.

Person Profile:
– At least 3 to 5 years relevant work experience.
– Necessary Expertise – Have a strong background in Blender and other 3D Modeling/ Rendering tools such as Rhino and/ or AutoCAD.
– Good-to-have Expertise – Knowledge of 3D Printing and/ or CAD manufacturing will be valuable in design activities.
– Curiosity – The best 3D/ CAD designers are curious. They want to know what works. Why it works. And maybe, most importantly, what would work better.
– Good Listening skills – You will work with a global team.
– Contextual – A good designer will understand how to integrate his idea with various technologies and aspects of a solution into a product.
– Learner-   Every job comes with a learning curve. Someone who is dedicated to continual growth in their job is more often than not, the right person for the job.
– Solver – 3D/ CAD designers are responsible for finding solutions. It is vital that the designer is willing to not only learn the problem you are trying to fix, but is able to take action to help produce a part or product that works for the needs of you, your customers and the end-user.

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