Job Description

· Determination and implementation of a rolling Business Plan for the various business verticals of the organisation where, a) the revenue targets are clearly determined in line with the potential obtaining in the area of operation, b) the required business strategies which need to be implemented for the attainment of the targets is laid out, c) the resources required in terms of Men, Material, Machinery and Money in alignment with the targets is determined, and, d) Financial Plan projecting the profitability of the organisation is provided.

· Responsible for meeting the business targets determined for the period in terms of number of licences / units and revenue of various Hexagon software, CIMCO & 3D printing products.

· Responsible for Overall and vertical wise profitability of the organisation.

· Ensuring the collection of payments due from the customers within the credit period for the products sold.

· Ensuring Cross selling of all the Hexagon software, CIMCO & 3D printing products and Upselling of products belonging to companies in the SASA group is effectively done through his team members.

· Plan and Implement a 365*24*7 SLA based Technical Support System with the object of having highly satisfied customers.

· Effective management of the Navas Team which reports to him by ensuring that the team members efficiently and diligently perform their responsibilities, namely, identification, development and conversion of prospects to customers for various Products of the Hexagon, CIMCO & 3D printing products in the assigned region.

· Ensuring that the sales team identifies, evaluates and responds to key business issues faced by the prospects and customers by effectively collaborating with the technical teams in educating, facilitating and demonstrating the capabilities of the various software solutions.

· Effectively collaborating with the Channel Sales Manager of Hexagon in drawing up various marketing and sales strategies, Implementation of the same in the market through his team members, providing feedback on the outcome and fine tuning the marketing and sales strategies to ensure attainment of desired results.

· Ensuring that the team provides and co-ordinates post-sales support through the Technical team.

· Ensuring that regular training, handholding, development and re-training of the team members is done to enable them to perform to their full potential and deliver on their individual targets.

· Providing the Company Management and Hexagon Account Manager with activity reports on Marketing and Sales and report on performance of the team members at periodic intervals, namely, weekly, monthly, etc.,

· Monitor the Performance of the Navas team by monthly performance review and measuring their performance against KRA’s/ KPI’s.

· Building and maintaining strong relationship with key customers and prospects and ensuring that their satisfaction is maintained at a very high level.

· Establishment and implementation of sales best practices and ensuring that the members of the sales team conforms to the same in handling the customers and prospect accounts.

· Ensuring that the sales team and company achieve its revenue and strategic goals as outlined in the objectives determined.

· Ensuring that the sales team provides market and competitive information to support business planning.

· Plan and implement Inbound and Outbound Marketing strategies in league with the Group Marketing Manager and also co-ordinate with the team and the Principals in providing to the Marketing Team with periodic Technical Articles, Blogs, News Letters, Customer Testimonials, etc.,

· Working closely with the Marketing team and Sales Co-ordinator to enable them in generating sufficient quality leads.

· E-learning and participation in Webinar(s) commensurate to their position and in line with the Hexagon calendar is a must.

· Prepare and present annual, quarterly and monthly aggressive marketing plans with strategies, promotion mix and negotiate deliberate with management the budget on the same.

· Implement the marketing plan by selecting best possible media while optimizing the cost and benefits within the approved budget.

· Review and analyse the marketing efforts and make necessary changes in the future plans.

· Develop working relationships with other organizations within the business community.

· Personally and officially represent the company to the business community during meetings or events.

· Build a positive image of the company.

· Determine the right team size in line with the Business Plans and proper attrition management to ensure the right team size is in place at all times.

· Assign employee responsibilities and maintain job descriptions.

· Provide opportunities for employee advancement and career growth.

· Take measures to retain the best talents in the company.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: ₹60,000.00 to ₹80,000.00 /year


  • CAM / CAD / 3D Printing: 5 years (Preferred)


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)

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