Ewan Christopher Simon

Dynamic professional having 2+ years of experience in automotive industry. Proficient in working on AutoCAD tools (CATIA and NX) and have completed projects on MATLAB. Skilled in operating 3D printer and machine installation. Interested in working in Electric Vehicle sector. Looking forward to utilize the acquired set of skills as a design engineer to a challenging job role.

About Candidate

I have completed my Btech in Electrical engineering from University of Petroleum and Energy studies on 2019 with 90.9%.


  • Computer Skills             : MS Power point, MS Excel, MS Word
  • Design Skills                   : Part Design, GD&T, Prototyping, Testing, Validation, Material selection, Motor calculation, Stack up Analysis, Drafting, 3D modelling, Part costing, Jigs design, BOM creation, SoC check sheet
  • Application                    : MATLAB-SIMULINK, NX and CATIA, PLC-SCADA


  • NTPC, Korba, India(May’2018-July’2018)- Study about steam turbines and methods to increase its efficiency


Design Engineer (R&D)- DENSO International India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, India                                                           (June’2019-Present)

Responsibility- Designing and validating Motor-Generator assembly of 2 wheeler for Indian and Japanese OEM’s

·          Design, Prototyping and validation of AC Generator and motor.

·          Managing project from proto to mass production and meeting customer deadline. [5 models]

·          Schedule management by coordinating with customer, supplier and production plant.

·          Cost management by generating and implementing VA/VE ideas. [12 Mil INR]

·          Supplier management for components development. [Sheet metal, Plastic, Enameled wire and Forging]

·          Technical documentation and reports for product improvement and cost reduction to Customer. [Proposed 4 ideas to Indian OEM]

·          Using 3D printer for proto preparation

·          Installation of testing facility


  • Modelling and simulation of EV on MATLAB-Simulink  (Dec’2021-Present)- The project aims to convert a 100cc IC engine activa to EV and simulate the result of calculation on MATLAB platform
  • SOC Estimation using Coulomb Count with MATLAB Simulink & an Overview: Filter methodology and Self discharge  (Oct’21-Nov’2021)- The project is aimed to design and simulate a Li -ion battery pack model on MATLAB Simulink to verify the coulomb count for SOC estimation and investigation of filter methodology and self discharge of battery and chemistry
  • Creating a program on MATLAB for calculation of different machines (Jan’2019-Apr’2019)- In this project, a GUI software on the MATLAB platform was build which will calculate different parameters of machines according to the input provided by the user and according to the characteristics of the machine, response will be generated.
  • Integration and Control of Micro Wind Turbine with Solar Power Roof Top (Aug’2018-Dec’2018)- The proposed integrator will integrate solar and wind energies by using active pass filters, thyristor, snubber circuit  and a buck (boost) dc-dc converter.
  • 3-Ø Fault Analysis with Auto Reset on Temporary Fault and Permanent Trip Otherwise (Jan’2018-Apr’2018)- The project is designed to develop an automatic tripping mechanism for the three-phase supply system. In the event of a temporary fault the output resets automatically after a brief interruption while it remains in tripped condition in case of a permanent fault
  • Bidirectional Rotation of an Induction Motor with a Remote Control Device (Aug’2017-Dec’2017)- The project is designed to drive an induction motor in forward and reverse directions using wireless technology.



B Tech(Electrical Engineering) 2015-2019
University Of Petroleum and Energy Studies


Senior Secondary(Class 12th) 2015
Kendriya Vidyalaya


Secondary (Class 10th) 2013
Kendriya Vidyalaya



Learnt about automation on PLC-SCADA software
Electric vehicle certification course 2021
Learnt about different aspects of EV from powertrain to designing.
Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Modelling Course 2021
It was a 3 week course in which I learnt about battery modelling and calculation. At the end of course, prepared one SIMULINK model for battery analysis with a faulty cell
Fundamentals of vehicle dynamics Course 2021
Understand the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics and suspension/steering design. Gained practical knowledge of how the vehicle moves and how the suspension and steering behaves.
Fundamentals of automobile engineering Course 2021
Learnt about the workings of a car, right from the basics. This course taught about the automobile part-by-part with deep understanding of its working, by analyzing parts closely and then comprehending how different parts work together to enable the vehicle to move.
Automotive sketching and drawing Course 2022
Understand about basics of designing a car in 2D and 3D by sketching. It taught about the design and thought process while sketching a vehicle
BMS – Battery Management System Certification Course 2022
Learnt about Battery Management Systems and its functioning. It also explored the individual components that typically make up a battery management system.
CATIA – Computer Aided Design and Drafting Course 2022
CATIA (Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application) is a multi platform software suite for CAD/CAM/CAE/3d-PLM of managing the entire life cycle of the product. This course allowed to learn on a process based approach to complete a particular task and help you build a solid foundation