Sagar Vashisht

About Candidate

My research interests include Li-ion battery thermal management, Thermal Modelling of Li-ion batteries, electric vehicles, lithium-ion cell technology, and alternative battery systems.
Currently working as a Ph.D. Research Scholar in the Department of Energy Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi on the Design of a Hybrid Battery Thermal Management System for Electric Vehicles.



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Department of Energy Science and Engineering 2020-2024
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

• To analyze the impact of depth of discharge (DoD) and temperature on heat generated inside Li-ion cells by precisely simulating the equivalent internal resistance and entropy change utilizing experimental data. The response of a Li-ion battery is analyzed using a two-dimensional transient electrothermal model developed. • Experimental and Numerical analysis of passive cell level cooling strategy using different PCMs for cylindrical lithium cell in automotive applications and optimizing the passive BTMS to find the optimum parameters effecting the performance.

Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Mechanical Engineering 2018-2020
Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur, India

• The research objective was to compare single and dual-axis tracking surfaces with a fixed surface regarding the percentage increase in average total irradiation. • The average total irradiation was calculated using isotropic models with the help of Solcast data in a MATLAB program. The MATLAB program helped to analyze, compare, and determine the increase in irradiation falling on the tracking surface. • The study also focused on a comparative analysis of the three isotropic models for the average monthly irradiation at Jodhpur. • Single and dual-axis tracking surfaces enhanced monthly total irradiation by 12.17 and 21.2%, respectively, compared to a fixed surface. The study demonstrates that Badescu and Liu&Jordan are more accurate.

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Mechanical Engineering 2012-2016
YMCA University of Science and Technology Haryana, India

• The Project's main objective was to construct a robot equipped with Mecanum wheels that can move in any direction. • The Arduino UNO platform was utilized for the robot's programming. • This work strived to develop a simple, affordable Mecanum wheel design for less than 5000 Indian Rupees. • The Project helped develop an understanding of design and production processes.

Work & Experience

Project Engineer July 1, 2016 - April 1, 2017
Blue Star India Limited

• Part of Electro Mechanical Project Group (EMPG) as a GET in Mechanical Construction of ACPD division. • Coordinated daily tasks of the projects as an HVAC Project Engineer and assigned the daily tasks to a team of 20+ to execute the Project. • Ensured the highest safety and quality HVAC installation and maintenance standards by coordinating with contractors. • Delivered concise instructions to the technical team to maintain quality control. • Planned and managed engineering projects and continuous improvement programs to reduce labor and costs. • Maintained records for each project and engineering discipline. • Monitored installation of materials and equipment for compliance with drawings and specifications. • Communicated with industrial equipment installers to deliver technical support throughout project execution. • Handled two projects: an MEP project of value INR 7.7 Cr and an HVAC project of value INR 8 Cr.

Research Intern February 23, 2024 - February 23, 2024
LG Electronics India LTD

• Got an opportunity to work in the Research and Development Team of the Microwave Department. • My Project was to discover and remove the problem of door melting coming in different models. • To remove the issue of the door melting, the gap between the front plate and door frame increased, and the hinge bracket hole was shifted. • Analyzed problems and worked with teams to develop solutions. • Sorted, organized, and maintained files. • Produced high-quality communications for internal and external use.