Manager Charging Solutions


Date: 19-Feb-2021

Location: IN

Company: Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

Responsibilities & Key Deliverables

  • Responsible for the design of power electronic circuits for the power converters such as AC-DC and DC-DC converters
  • Responsible for the selection of power electronic components for AC-DC and DC-DC converters
  • To design the power electronic converters through mathematical modelling techniques
  • Shall able to do simulation using the software’s PSPICE, SaberRD & MATLAB etc.
  • To design any power electronic converters w.r.t EMI/EMC performance
  • Shall understand the PCB design’s and layouts of any power electronic module
  • Shall be capable of transforming the electronic module concepts to product realisation
  • Have to design analog signal conditioning circuits.
  • Analysing & problem solving using 8D etc.
  • Preparation of design verification & validation documents
  • Understanding of global charging standards & protocols



  • Must have work experience on the design & development of any power electronic converters (AC-DC / DC-DC)
  • In-depth knowledge of power semi-conductor devices, magnetics & analog devices
  • In-depth knowledge of selection of components for any power electronic converter
  • Knowledge on thermal analysis of any power electronic converter
  • Understanding of global electric vehicle charging standards & protocols (desirable)


M.E. / M.Tech (Power Electronics) – 3-5 years experience


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