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  • It takes the completion of multiple individual projects to achieve one bigger, overarching goal. When these different projects are all dependent on one another, it can be a challenge to keep them organized. This is where program managers shine.
  • Program managers are responsible for overseeing the achievement of larger organizational goals. They coordinate efforts between different projects and lead the overall program with strong attention to strategy, implementation, and delegation.
  • Program managers are highly skilled professionals who help organizations stay on schedule, on spec, and ultimately on an upward trajectory of success and growth.

This Is You


  • 2+ years of past experience as an engineer / project manager / Program Manager or System Engineer in an Embedded Systems
  • Hand on experience with Embedded Systems
  • Past Management Experience (Team Lead, etc- )
  • Extremely Good Analytical Skills
  • Extremely Good Communication Skills
  • Experience with Batteries / Electric Vehicles (Added Advantage)
  • Past experience in customer facing roles


Our culture is founded on ensuring openness, extreme ownership, full responsibility and unfiltered honesty.

We value excellence and look for strengths, resilience, curiosity and above all, moral fibre.

Come join a high performance team dedicated to accelerate the Earth’s transition to an all-electric future.

Seniority Level

Entry level


  • Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering
  • Semiconductors

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Project Management

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