Senior Electric Vehicle Modelling Engineer


Job Summary

Do you have a strong aptitude for mathematical modelling, simulation, and analysis? Do you have experience in alternative-energy based propulsion systemssuch as developing models of battery-electric, fuel-cell, and/or hybrid vehicles? You might be: 

  • An experienced engineer with a specialist knowledge of battery-electric or fuel-cell vehicle simulationsenergy modelling, performance, and with a good understanding of their controls systems. Knowledge of data analytics and MATLAB are highly desirable. 
  • A post-graduate, or post-doctorate, of engineering with industrial experience and a keen interest in electrification. 

Come and join a team at MathWorks that builds great physical modelling and control software solutions. Engineers use products like ours to optimize product performance by simulating system behaviour early in the development cycle. 

At MathWorks, modelling engineers are members of multidisciplinary product teams that include documentation content developers, quality engineers, technical marketing specialists, and UX professionals, all with a common goal: to develop high-quality engineering design tools that meet the needs of customers ranging from students to advanced engineers. 

We are looking for a self-starter with the background, skills, and enthusiasm to extend MathWorks physics-based modelling products in the electrification space. 


  • Build mathematical models for battery-electric, fuel-cell, and/or hybrid vehicles. 
  • Build electric and/or hybrid vehicle controls, protection systems, and management algorithms. 
  • Create simulation examples to help customers become productive quickly. 
  • Work with our user community and customer-facing groups to understand what customers need to achieve so they can harness our technologies for solving their real-world energy storage challenges. 
  • Participate within a multidisciplinary team in product planning, design review, and testing to shape the design of our cutting-edge products before they go out the door. 
  • Help MathWorks develop next-generation Model-Based Design software.

Minimum Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree and 7 years of professional work experience (or a master’s degree and 5 years of professional work experience, or a PhD degree, or equivalent experience) is required.

Additional Qualifications


  • Master’s degree or PhD in Electrical / Mechanical / Automotive / Energy Engineering, or related field. 
  • Industrial experience in electrification domain.


  • Data analytics experience.
  • Enthusiastic about working in a cross-functional, multi-national team. 
  • Software development experience. 
  • Experience using MATLAB, Simulink, or MathWorks physical modelling products.


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