Position : Vehicle Electrical Engineer

Job Responsibilities: 1. Independently design and develop requirements of the entire electric scooter, automotive high-voltage electrical products including design schemes, high-voltage electrical schematics, 3D data layout, high-voltage electrical equipment layout verification 2. Responsible for determining the technical parameters of the vehicle’s high-voltage electrical appliances, equipment selection, product drawing design and definition, such as battery system, motor, MCU, DC-DC, OBC, external charger, high-voltage wiring harness and other high-voltage electrical components 3. Familiar with communication protocol between ECU and vehicle (e.g. CAN/PWM/LIN) 4.Responsible for 3D layout data and 2D drawing design of high voltage system wiring harness, familiar with the electrical schematic diagram of the whole vehicle; 5 Responsible for the development and review of electrical device suppliers, technical communication, preparation and signing of technical agreements, and jointly determine technical plans and specifications with suppliers; 6. Responsible for sample testing, trial assembly verification and problem solving of high-voltage electrical devices; 7. Optimize and solve of technical problems in during mass production and suggest engineering design changes. Qualifications: 1. 3 years and above experience on automotive electronics engineering, electrical automation, mechatronics, vehicle engineering, etc.; 2. More than three years of work experience in the development of new energy high-voltage electrical products for automobiles and motorcycles, and familiar with the vehicle development process; 3. Ability to independently complete the development and design of electrical products for the three-electric system of new energy vehicles, and have experience in vehicle development projects; 4. Design experience in power supply, ABS, motor controller, VCU is preferred 5. Bachelor degree of electric engineering from top university

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