Service Engineer

February 10, 2022
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Job Description

Using various strategies and tools to provide effective solutions to customers’ concerns.
Communicating with clients, engineers, and other technicians to ensure that services are delivered effectively.
Promptly following up on service requests and providing customer feedback.
Monitoring equipment and machinery performance and developing preventative maintenance measures.
Conducting quality assurance and safety checks on all equipment.
Delivering demonstrations to ensure that customers are educated on safe and effective equipment use.
Providing recommendations about new features and product improvements.
Monitoring inventory and reordering materials when needed.
Conducting research and attending workshops to remain abreast of industry developments.
Writing reports and presenting findings to Managers and Supervisors on a regular basis.
Responds to customer complaints.
Evaluates and resolves problems of the customer.
Assists in installing the equipment.
Analyzes, inspects and reviews findings to determine the solution to the problem that the customer demands.
Works alongside with technical sales engineers
Provides customers with regular reports and feedback on their service requests
develops and maintains relations with customers.
Reports common complaints of customers to top management in order to address the situation for future reference.
Makes recommendations to maintenance technicians.
Key Skills
Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills must be possessed by all service engineers.
He must be familiar with all parts of the product as well as familiarity with electrical or mechanical procedures that may have an effect on the products being purchased.
They must have excellent communication skills both written and verbal in order to relay the problem and solution to customers and top management.
Excellent active listening and customer service skills.
The ability to deal with multiple requests without being overwhelmed.
The ability to remain professional under pressure.
Superb work ethic and a growth mindset.