Embedded Engineer

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Job Description

Job description:

1. Design of models for embedded systems

2. Design software flow for embedded systems

3. Design State Machines for robust system design

4. Design test cases for system functionality tests

5. Simulating control algorithms

6. Generate Hardware requirements for Hardware design team Requirements The job profile calls for the following


1. Fundamental understanding of Digital, Embedded and Control Systems (Linear and Non-linear)

2. Well-versed with embedded communication networks viz. CAN

3. Good understanding of Control loop implementation in C/C++

4. Have hands on experience with Coding environments like CCS

5. Have worked with the likes of TI, STM32 and NXP S32K series of Microcontrollers 6. Have experience in implementation of embedded OS viz. Micro-Linux, RTOS/FreeRTOS

7. Have worked on 4G/2G based IOT systems, Bluetooth connectivity, etc

8. Basic understanding of MATLAB/Simulink for System modeling

9. Understanding of implementation of embedded APIs, to be accessed by third-party systems

10. Have an understanding of working of arm-GCC type compilers

11. Have working knowledge of makefiles for compilation automation

12. Have a working knowledge of the git toolchain for code documentation and code version control

Minimum Educational Requirements:

B.tech in Electronics and Electrical Engineering / Computer Science Engineering or any other engineering field with relevant experience of project work Minimum Work Experience: 0 – 2 years

Benefits * Cellprop offers an exhilarating start-up experience. Work in our cool and spacious facility in Bangalore with a closely-knit team where everyone owns their responsibilities. * Candidates will end up building out Automotive-grade embedded systems for time-critical applications in electric vehicles, such as Battery Management systems, Motor controllers, Chargers, Vehicle connectivity, and system diagnostics un