Electrical Engineer

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Job Description

Procure necessary design documentation.
Support the development and optimization of parts / components from concept to maturity phase.
Contact person facing basic methods of construction in CAD program on several sites with focus on drawings (e.g. as CAD Key-User, etc.).
Simulate formations, dimensions and tolerances according to drafts, using CAD.
Cooperate in developing and coordinating drafts, taking into account predetermined manufacturing technologies, specified materials, and technical standards.
Create views, sections, developed views, penetrations, and projections with clear geometries; create sequences and check them for plausibility.
Cooperate in developing design changes for parts, according to instructions.
Determine common parts/semi-finished products according to instructions, and select based on technical documentation
Create documents (e.g. tables, hand drawings, diagrams, figures, etc.) according to instructions.
Assemble technical lists (e.g. routings, etc.) taking numbering systems into account.
Conduct simple technical calculations (e.g. weights, leverages, material utilization, etc.) with identifiers.