Electrical Project Engineer

January 24, 2022
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Job Description

Key Responsibilities
Managing successful execution of given projects i.e. –
a) Supervise /Execute all technical tasks as per project planning sheet
b) Maintain accuracy in project documentation
c) Comply with the quality specifications specified by the customers
d) Complete project within committed timelines
Plan the project schedule in consultation with Senior Project Engineer
PLC, HMI & SCADA Programming
Internal Panel Testing and Panel Testing with clients
Coordinate for Site Commissioning
Interacting with clients regularly
Design, configure and program SCADA / HMI screens to support overall control of the equipments and process
Incorporate into control package associated data acquisition and reporting features as required by specifications
Provide inputs to control design process to ensure correct hardware and logic will support PLC Software
Plan and coordinate technical design and engineering implementation of project work
Configure and troubleshoot the instrument ensuring communication with the control packages and scaling signals
Identify technology to use for future applications and extensions of current architecture
Act as a project technical lead at times. Be responsible for project management activities.
Work in coordination with Designs team for design/ drawing approvals
Handle a number of projects simultaneously
Complete ownership of the project throughout project life cycle
Regular reporting to Senior Project Engineer on project progress
Forecast problems in execution and come up with an action plan
Train / educate team of Engineers as well as Technicians whenever required
Prepare Documentation i.e. –
i. Project documentation and Back ups – PLC, HMI & SCADA programs
ii. ISO documentation for Projects dept.
Perform any other duties as directed by Senior from time to time
Desirable Skills of Project Engineer
Ability to read Drawings, Process & Instrumentation Diagram & Process Flow Diagram
Hands on PLC, HMI & SCADA Programming & Panel testing
Project management & Supervision skills
Ready to travel; Good health is desirable to cope up with the site conditions
Patient and Determinant to work alone at customer’s site at a times till job is over
Planning skills; Organized; Should prioritize work
Very good concentration ability; focused; Analytical mind;
Team spirit, Communication skills
Ability to Lead & Motivate others