Engineer – NVH

May 30, 2022
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Job Description

Engineer – NVH
Date: 27-May-2022

Location: Chakan

Company: Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

Responsibilities & Key Deliverables
1.)Demonstrates good understanding in vehicle NVH Frontloading, LCV etc
2.) Demonstrates the good model updation skills for the correlations of operational NVH performance
3) Demonstrates expertise in solution creation and implementation
4)Demonstrates good understanding in Engine induced structure borne simulations -Sensitivity analysis, advanced diagnostics (TPA,MCA,PCA) ,ODS & optimize the design
5)Demonstrates the good model updation skills for the correlations of operational NVH performance
6)Variability considerations in simulations

1) Ability to use the NVH Optimization tools – LMS Virtual LAB
NVH Performance DVP’s:
1.)Ability to assess the noise and vibration issues coming in Road induced structure borne simulations
2) Ability to deliver the Road induced structure borne simulations DVP’s for multiple projects and within bounds of time & NVH performance requirements.
PD Process:
1.)Ability to implement the design solutions and ensure recommendations are part of the design release considering variablity in the design.
2.)Ability to cascade the vehicle level operational NVH targets to Road induced structure borne simulations target
3. )E Process documentation’s for the PT induced structure borne simulations
System Design:
1.)Ability to propose the design solution & its implementation with manufacturability, time, cost & performance in mind.
2.)Ability to prepare the contenting for the multiple projects.

c.1 Automotive NVH Expertise and LCV experience
c.2 NVH Simulations Experience, 10+ years. (Full Vehicle FE Model Building using Hyper mesh, Building NASTRAN decks for SOL 108, SOL 111 using Virtual Lab, FEM/BEM Acoustic analysis using Sysnoise/Virtual Lab, Post processing like TPA/PCA using Virtual Lab/Sysnoise)

Altair/Hyperworks > 1 years experience
MSC/NASTRAN > 2 years experience
LMS/Virtual Lab > 1 year Experience

Automative systems NVH behavior > 1 Yers

Industry Preferred
Automotive OEM

Graduate in Mechanical/Automotive Engg+ 1 year NVH experience

General Requirements

Job Segment: Engineer, Automotive, Engineering