Assistant Manager/Deputy Manager – EV Traction Control Engineer

January 11, 2023
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Job Description

• Understand electrical architecture of HEV/EV
• Understand the high-level performance requirements of vehicle
• Define the IO operation for torque control and torque control flow
• Define the target torque control requirements
• Define the torque damping control requirements
• Define the torque limitation control requirements
• Define the torque control requirements for advanced functions such as one-pedal drive and e-4WD implementations
• Develop the concept and details of drive modes and pedal maps
• Develop the detailed functions and logic for various torque control strategies
• Develop the controller functions and software, including logic development, MIL evaluation, HIL evaluation and vehicle level validation using MBD approach
• Develop diagnostics for torque control
• Implement ISO 26262 Functional Safety requirements
• Functional Testing, System/Component Benchmarking, and database creation
• Working with stakeholders within the organization and outside (suppliers, consultants) for above development