Production Manager (BLDC/PMSM)

April 19, 2023
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Job Description

About the job
1. Responsible for production of BLDC/PMSM Motors for different application (EV, Railways, HVAC, Drones, AGV, Defense, Home Appliances etc.)

2. Capable of working a part of integrated global team

3. Resolve query with Motor Suppliers for new designs development

4. Responsible for Cost Innovations, VA/VE and Improvement activities.

5. In house/Outsource Evaluation Test Set up

6. Leading Motor team of all Cross Functional Teams (R&D, Production, Material, QA, PE, PPC)

7. Responsible for Development Process

8. Responsible for defining the Motor configuration and RFQ replies based on Motor electrical, environmental and life aspects.

9. Should be expert in tolerance stack up & GD&T

10. Responsible for localization of child parts

11. Should keep updated about latest R&D Techniques Innovations & Research

12. Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (KSA?s) required to successfully perform the job:

13. Knowledge: Design Knowledge, Energy Improvement & Performance, Reliability, Verification and validation of designs, prototype development, manufacturing document management.

14. Strong know how in production and manufacturing Procedures/ practices along with detailed knowledge on the all concerned areas.

15. Expertise in carrying out operations & maintenance of various electrical/ Mechanical machines (Electrical part)

16. Expertise in implementing up to dated Manufacturing techniques in production line to reduce machine model change over-time, set-up time and lead time.

17. Ensuring all team members have skills including special process training needed to perform and deliver against the work plan and review with the team members timely.

18. Own HPT (High Performance Team) of Maintenance and provide coaching and mentoring team help deliver their objectives as safety, delivery and engagement.

19. Encourage 5S implementation and strict following

20. Should have thorough knowledge in decision making, problem solving, analytical thinking

21. Should have thorough knowledge in all types of motors especially BLDCM/PMSM, their construction, working, parameters, test cases and trouble shooting at all levels

22. Design and prepare Excitation panels, Control panels and test set up panels with circuit diagrams and proper test cases

23. Preparation of all necessary documents as per customer requirements.

24. Motivate and Drive the team to achieve the committed targets

25. Coordination with marketing department for production planning and in-time delivery

26. Hassle free Methods implementation on shop floor to enhance the production

27. Strive towards cycle time reduction improvements & bottle neck operation and reduction.

28. Automation of manual processes for reducing manufacturing time and reducing workmen fatigue.

29. Preparation of Standard operating procedures (SOP) for processes, revision and monitoring of processes as per SOP.

30. Manpower allocation and activity record keeping for transparency in production line and for easy identification of faults.

31. Controlling the non-confirming product with constant and corrective actions feedback processes.

32. Preparation of CAPA for NCRs and keeping of NC records.

33. Implementation of QMS ISO 9001:2015 and internal audit

34. Calculating OEE on every machine along with calculating cost reduction on tools, consumable and Spares.

Adhere to all policies of organization