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Position : Chassis Lead – Automotive

Desired Competencies (Technical/Behavioral Competency)


(Ideally should not be more than 3-5)

  • Experience in one full vehicle Design and Development of Suspension, Steering, Brakes and Vehicle level validation of these systems is a must.
  • Suspension system designer, expertise in sizing and calculation of ride frequencies.
  • Should be able to do sizing of springs rate, frequencies, pre loads, durability.
  • Expertise on damper sizing, stroke optimization, ground planes, hard point fixing etc..
  • Tunning of vehicle ride & handling, K&C optimization, suspension H points analysis.
  • Brake system design, sizing and data sheet predictions
  • Tyre development and tyre tuning experience.
  • Knowledge on vehicle dynamics, ride handling and braking subjective & objective analysis
  • Knowledge on tyre testing, tyre subjective assessment
  • Selection, ETRTO guidelines, Benchmarking of tyres.
  • Tyre global Regulatory requirements (IS / ECE and FMVSS)


  • Knowledge on RLDA, supension system benchmarking.
  • Expertise on rubber bushes, bump stoper top mouns, sizing and design.
  • Regulatory requirments (IS / ECE and FMVSS)
  • Good understanindg of Casting / forging process and the design impacts
  • Brake NVH, noise fix solution on vehicle
  • Knowledge on vehicle dynamics, mass transfer, thermal capcity analysis,
  • Knowledge on design of Knuckle, Spindle and hub for Generation 1 and gen3 wheel ends

Responsibility of / Expectations from the Role

-Must have strong analytical mindset and focused

-Must have excellent written and oral communication skills

-Must have good presentation and organizational skills

-Should be capable of using excel workbook & carry out analysis

-Should be familiar with MPFI Engine Management System

Seniority Level

Mid-Senior level


  • Information Technology & Services
  • Automotive

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology

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