January 28, 2022
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Job Description

Job description:

You will be Responsible for Purchase to Pay cycle.
Release and supervise the purchase order to delivery on timely.
Follow up the delivery progress and handling any issues related.
Communicating with supervisor/competent contact of Division about things that seems incorrect (e.g. Purchase proposals, stock levels, safety stock issues, faulty, others).
Report supplier issues to supervisor/competent contact of Division. (e.g. poor delivery performance, prolonged lead time, poor purchase order confirmation, others)
Report Purchase orders with errors: missing price, faulty quantity received, lost Purchase order, payment due, others.
Handling any quality issues of delivery to meet the delivery schedule.
Conduct periodical performance report of suppliers and following up any claims and open issues related to delivery performance.
Purchase of indirect materials upon request.
Participate in materials handling cost and inventory holding costs reduction effort.
Strictly follow up the Epiroc way “The way we do purchase” stated by company and code of conduct and compliance issues.
Note: The job title may vary, depending upon the years of experience and internal parity.


Improve and maintain parts availability.
Maintain the inventory within target level.
Achieve and maintain internal control parameters target
Track & improve the supplier delivery performance