Electronics Engineer

January 24, 2022
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Job Description

Job Description for Electronics Engineer:
1. Teaching Students on Electronics and Robotics
2. Designing Robotic models using Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi
3. Designing and assembling Robotics Models for training students
4. Planning, Coordinating and Consulting on Robotics Competition
5. Actively participating in the robotics exhibitions, competitions and
demonstrations organised by the company
6. Designing New Robotics Models and Products for Training Students
7. Research and Development on new technology

Skill set & Job Requirements:
Excellent English Communication
Flair for teaching, mentoring and guiding students
Pleasing Personality, Positive Attitude
Knowledge of PCB Designing and circuit development
Knowledge of Android Programming, Robot C, Embedded C
Analytical, Logical and Critical Thinking ability
Must possess own two-wheeler