Senior System Architect

April 13, 2023
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Job Description

About the job
Company – Ultraviolette Automotive.

Profile – Vehicle Systems Architect

Experience – 5 to 8 Years

Industry – EV: Product Based

Location – Bangalore:: Domlur


Support the design of next-generation electrical/Electronic systems.  
Perform research and development tasks for various technologies.  
Steer the technology adoption across various teams within the organization  
Creating architectural trade-off is considering cost, mass, performance, and serviceability  
Maintain strong teamwork and are passionate about driving results!  

Push the limits – You will be helping to drive current and upcoming electrical system requirements.  
Breakdown Problems – You will break down functions and features to their core components and work with teams to build them into unified solutions.  
Optimize solutions – Balancing competing requirements, you will work in cross-functional teams, driving and representing electrical functions in vehicle architectural discussions and decisions for upcoming product platforms, and maintaining engineering performance budgets.  
Describe how things work – You will work cross-functionally to drive and decompose requirements from product requirements down to electrical/Electronic component level requirements. You will support the development of vehicle logical schematics.  
Lead cross-functional engagements – Help drive teams across multiple organizations to steer the adoption of innovative technologies  

7+ years of experience working in systems or electronics 
Master’s degree in Electrical engineering or equivalent.  
Ability to lead multiple teams with technology from concept to production  
High EQ and the ability to collaborate with others.
Ability to dive deep into first principles in electrical to reach a solution  
Good understanding of the software and system integration of the components  
High technical competence in electrical engineering  
Strong Creative thinking and problem-solving toolbox.