PowerTrain Engineer

February 8, 2023
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Job Description

Required Qualifications/credentials:
– B.Tech Electrical Engineering, 1-2 year exp.
– Preferred members of tier-1 institute’s Formula student or other E-Motorsports teams.
Primary Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
– Powertrain Designing of Electric and hybrid Electric vehicles (Motor, Drives, gearbox, battery)
– Electrical Systems architecture design (Power flow and Signals flow) (ECU and BMS)
– Component Selection of Powertrain
– Component Selection of the Electrical auxiliaries(Brake and steering systems, PDU, Lightning,
Instrument Cluster)
– Harness Design (HV and LV)
– Assembly and implementation on the vehicle
– Testing and validation protocol
Required traits:
– Strong knowledge of Motors, Drives and Batteries, power electronics
– Well experienced of working with HV components.
– Sound system level knowledge of vehicles. Experience in an automotive environment.
– Additional Experience in Electric-hybrid vehicle and BMS, ECU’s will be preferred
– Proficient with Analog and digital circuit designing
– Knowledge of MCU’s a plus
– Should be well acquainted with automotive standards