OEM Manager China

January 21, 2022
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Job Description

Job Responsibilities

Drive significant growth for our ESI businesses by proactively creating and winning new material program approvals at the automotive OEM, which lead to significant revenue opportunities and wins for our field sales organizations.
Develop and lead an OEM strategic account plan that contains clear performance objectives, financial targets, and critical milestones for expanding our relationships and opportunities within the OEM and their suppliers over the next three years.
Meet year-over-year assigned targets for growth of new material programs, approvals, and specifications for our technologies in specific focus areas of the automotive industry.
Connect your work at the OEM to the “feet on the street” within our businesses. Ultimately the new material programs, approvals, and specifications you create within the OEM must lead to profitable sales volume growth opportunities and wins for our ESI businesses.
Proactively identify the emerging OEM trends and future needs. Create a competitive advantage for ESI by successfully positioning our technologies and building preference for solutions for future OEM platforms and vehicles.
Establish productive, professional relationships with key personnel externally within the OEM as well as internally within each of our ESI businesses that participate in the OEM’s supply chain.
Coordinate the involvement of company personnel, including R&D, support, service, and management resources, in order to meet account performance objectives and growth expectations.
Continually communicate, collaborate, and educate the needs of the OEM internally within ESI and our businesses. Help us “move to where the puck is going to be”.