Electrical Engineer

January 25, 2022
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Job Description

Job Responsibilities

Develop and manage electrical surveillance programs including,
Collect data using Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or other available data sources
Analyzing site maintenance records to determine electrical equipment failure rates, availability/reliability, bad actor/failure modes and program effectiveness/cost analysis
Analyzing electrical equipment test records including transformer oil analysis, thermography, battery health, insulation testing, etc. and providing assessment of equipment health and improvement recommendations to the site engineer
Collect and trend electrical equipment data against company and industry standards
Support development of electrical surveillance program to prevent premature failure of equipment
Support site brownfield & revamp project electrical activities including,
Preparing project electrical design documents
Writing equipment specifications
Reviewing contractor & vendor deliverables during engineering, construction and commissioning project phases
Resolving technical issues
Providing electrical support to other disciplines within project team
Searching electronic document management systems to find necessary information
Conduct criticality assessment and maintenance plans for electrical systems, taking into consideration industry standards, regulatory requirements, and manufacturer recommendations
Execute electrical life cycle management programs which include electrical equipment inventory, obsolescence plans, managing spare parts, and upgrade / replacement planning
Support electrical system maintenance and test planning, software upgrades, ESD testing, offline and online testing, and coordination of activities with/without plant shutdowns
Develop power system forecast periodically and provide recommendations to resolve/identify any power system capacity restraints within existing facilities
Conduct load flow, short circuit, harmonic, grounding and arc-flash studies
Provide field support during turnaround events
Manage master versions of site electrical power system SKM models. Keeping models and studies up to date. Performing new studies as appropriate to assess feasibility of power system modifications for new projects etc.
Coordinating directly with engineers at remote site locations to obtain & provide all necessary information & documentation to perform job responsibilities.
Support or lead site complex trouble shootings, investigations and repairs.
Lead Electrical Safety related activities. E.g. Safety job analysis, Safety by design, Safety incident investigation, Develop safety work practices.
Job Requirements

Bachelor’s degree from recognized university in Electrical Engineering
Minimum 10 years of experience in oil & gas, refining or petrochemical industry, during which international or regional support was provided
Experience in operations and / or maintenance in an engineering capacity
Experience of risk management processes and tools for oil and gas industry or similar preferred
Experience in selection & specification of substations, transformers, switchgear, protective relays, motor control centers, variable speed drives, motors, power cables and generators
Experience of hazardous area equipment design, selection & classification techniques and standards e.g. ATEX, API etc.
Experience in system modeling software tools (e.g. SKM Power Tools, ETAP) & preparation of associated power system studies including protective relaying, motor starting, load flow, short circuit, arc flash etc.
Experience and knowledge in the following areas:
o electrical safety analysis and design
o hazardous area compliance
o power generation, system analysis, and protection
o power cable/line wiring methods and material selection
o principles of shielding and grounding for power lines and cables
o determining adequacy of equipment ratings/selection (e.g. withstand, interrupting, latching, Basic Insulation Level)
o bus transfer schemes that includes Automatic Transfer Scheme, fast transfer, and residual voltage transfer
o design and operation of battery back-up / UPS systems
o motor starting methods (e.g. soft start, variable speed)
o regulatory requirements
Experience applying international industry codes and standards e.g. IEC, ANSI etc.
Proficient in data collection and analysis tools such as Analytics & Tableau or similar
Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
Ability to plan and coordinate competing work activities and priorities
Team player able to interface with other engineering disciplines and people from other cultures
Willing and able to travel as required, both domestic and international.